Why You Must Be Careful When Using Unheated Storage Units

Depending on what you are storing in your storage unit, you might not be able to get away with a self-storage unit that is not heated. Some of your items might end up damaged, and there is little reason to spend money storing items that you won't even be able to keep, especially if you live in a cool and wet climate.  Liquids Items that contain liquid might freeze if they are placed in a storage unit that gets too cold.

How to Avoid Moving with Pests

One of the worst things you can realize after a move is that you have carried some pests with you. However, this will only be the case if you were not aware of the possibility of moving with pests, which means you didn't take the necessary precautions. Here are some practical measures to help you avoid moving with pests: Be Wary of Donated Packing Boxes Do you know that you can move with pests even if your current home doesn't have pest infestation?