Why You Must Be Careful When Using Unheated Storage Units

Depending on what you are storing in your storage unit, you might not be able to get away with a self-storage unit that is not heated. Some of your items might end up damaged, and there is little reason to spend money storing items that you won't even be able to keep, especially if you live in a cool and wet climate. 


Items that contain liquid might freeze if they are placed in a storage unit that gets too cold. Depending on the type of liquid, the act of freezing might ruin the formula and may also cause damage to the container. For example, if you are storing cleaning chemicals, they will be ruined if the storage unit becomes too cold.


Certain types of furniture can be vulnerable to cold weather. Moisture can cause furniture to become moldy and depending on the extent of the mold, you might be forced to get rid of the furniture. Wooden furniture is vulnerable to moisture because the furniture might warp or crack. Leather furniture is very sensitive to temperature swings and might warp or crack.

Electronics and Appliances

Cold temperature can be harmful to electronics and appliances. The coldness can cause moisture to condense inside the electronics and appliances, ruining them. Temperature swings can cause components to expand and contract in a way that might break them. You might find a laptop that refuses to turn on after being stored in an unheated climate-controlled unit.

Collectors Items

You should especially avoid storing special collections such as coins and stamps in an unheated unit. These collections will lose their value rapidly, and you will ruin your investment.

Another added perk of a heated storage unit is that you will be greeted with a warm unit when you go to retrieve your belongings. If you are retrieving belongings in the cold, the last thing you want is to shiver as you're trying to figure out which box contains a book you're looking for. 

Heated Self-Storage Units are Still Affordable

You might want to save money by using an unheated storage unit. However, heated storage units typically only cost somewhat more than other types of units. The price depends on how cold the climate is of the place you will need heated. For example, it may cost less to heat a unit in Pittsburgh than it would cost to heat a unit in Fargo during the winter. 

For more information on renting heated self-storage units, contact your local storage facility.