Are You Moving Your Business Office To A New Location?

Has your new business expanded so much that you need to relocate to a different space? If so, you must be very excited about the success you have had so early in your venture. Since this is a new business, you have probably not had the experience of moving, right? Don't fret. From getting your staff on board to arranging for relocation moving, here are some ideas that might help you.

Get Your Staff Going On Organizing - You obviously can't do the organizing single-handedly, can you? That would mean that you'd have to get into your employees' desk drawers and cabinets to go their personal belongings, and that just doesn't paint a great picture. Instead of trying to do all of that organization work yourself, set up a meeting where you explain to your employees that they deserve a huge pat on the back for the work they've done.

And, then tell them that you're moving to a new office and that they've got a big job ahead of them in helping you to get ready for moving day. If you tell them all of that at once, they'll be so excited about the move that they'll be very willing to do their part. 

The idea is to get rid of things that aren't going to make the move. Be sure to tell your workers the exact date that the movers will arrive and give them a deadline for when their part of the organization project has to be accomplished.

Arrange For Relocation Moving - When you begin your search for a moving company, be sure to find one that focuses on office relocation moving. The workers will have the training and the experience to pack office equipment in a way that it won't be damaged. You won't even have to empty your large water cooler, as the packers will be happy to do that for you. Things like filing cabinets can be moved either with things left in them or empty. If you do leave the things in cabinets, everything will be taped so that things won't fall out.

Maybe you framed artwork and large mirrors in your office. Those will probably be wrapped and then crated so they won't be damaged. Your workers may want to keep their laptop computers with them, but large ones can be packed right along with the desks where they are used. 

When you make arrangements for the relocation, be sure to express any concerns and to ask questions you have on your mind to the property agent. He or she will have coordinated so many moves that answers will be ready for you. Contact a company like Allen's Transfer to get started.