Self-Storage Unit Safety Tips

When it comes to loading items into your self-storage unit, such as at Penn  Plaza Self Storage , you should keep a few basic safety rules in mind to prevent potential injuries or damage to your items. Use this guide to help learn the different ways you can stay safe while organizing your storage unit.

Keep Box Stacks Low

Stacking boxes from floor to ceiling can make it difficult for you to get to items you need, and it can potentially lead to boxes falling on you while you are in the storage unit. If you must stack boxes on top of each other, keep the stacks relatively low. Stacking them as high as your chest is a good rule of thumb, but you can determine the best height based on the size and weight of each box. Put the heaviest items on the bottom, and keep lighter boxes stacked toward the top of each pile.

Use Shelving Units

You can maximize your available storage space and keep items safely stacked on freestanding shelving units. If your storage unit lets you drill holes in the walls, consider installing anchors to keep the shelving units stable, and as with your stacks of boxes, keep heavier items on the bottom for added safety.

Keep Safety Equipment In The Unit

If you'll be moving things around or reorganizing your storage unit, consider keeping a few pieces of safety equipment handy. A back belt can provide extra protection when you are lifting heavy items, and a hand truck or dolly makes it easier to cart items to and from your car. If you have large or heavy items stacked on shelves, consider wearing a hard hat for protection against falling items.

Keep The Door Open

Keep the door to your unit open while you are inside. This helps to ensure that the door won't become stuck in the down position with you inside, and it is critical if you will be using any cleaning solutions, paint thinners, or other chemicals in the unit, as keeping the door open helps to provide proper ventilation while you work with these potentially hazardous items.

It's a good idea to let someone know that you'll be at the storage facility just in case you do become locked in your unit. Consider keeping a few bottles of water and protein bars inside just in case, and always have your cell phone with you and fully charged while you are in the storage unit.