Professional Moving Services: 3 Factors That Help Determine Whether You Need Additional Manpower Or Not

Have you finally decided to move to another home, whether it's for a larger space to start your family or to be closer to work? Regardless of the reason behind the move, almost all Americans can agree on one thing: moving is tedious and stressful work. Instead of attempting to get everything done yourself, consider hiring a professional moving service to get things started. The professional moving services will want to know just how many movers you'll need. If you're not sure, here are 3 factors that can help you make a more informed decision.

The Weight of the Items Being Moved

The type of items that you need to have packed and moved can have a large influence on how many professional movers that you need to hire. When speaking to the professional moving companies, be sure to list all of the heavy items and equipment that you'll need moved on the day of the move. Heavy items include kitchen equipment, like refrigerators and ovens; furniture, like sofas and beds; and any other large items. For example, a small, upright piano weighs an average of 300 to 400 pounds. If you have a lot of heavy items that need to be moved, you'll need to get more manpower for the job.

The professional moving services will give you a recommendation based on the amount of tools and equipment they have at their disposal to help shoulder the weight of the items that need to be moved.

Whether There Are Any Time Constraints

When you're moving to another house, consider whether there are any time constraints that you need to be wary of. For example, do you have to move into the new house or arrive at your new place by a certain time in order to get your keys from the landlord or a realtor? Do you have work on the same day, and won't be able to get home to pack and move until a certain time? Avoid surprises by planning out your whole day ahead of time. Determine whether there are any time constraints that you need to consider and hire the amount of professional movers you need based on that.

If you're unsure of whether you have enough manpower, talk to the professional moving services. They'll have a good idea as to whether your plan is feasible or not based on their past experiences.

The Amount of Items That Need to Be Moved and Whether You Need Help Packing

Take a look at your house and determine just how many items need to be packed before the moving truck arrives and you return your keys to a landlord or meet with your realtor. You need to figure out whether you'll have enough time before the day of the move to get some or all of the packing done yourself. If you absolutely won't have any time to get any of the packing done yourself, you'll definitely want to hire more professional movers to make sure that everything is packed and ready to go by the time the moving truck arrives.

It'll take anywhere from 36 to 40 hours to pack a house over 4,000 square feet. However, you can cut the packing and moving time to 12 to 16 hours if you have 6 people helping you move. Consider whether you'll have any family members or friends who are willing to lend a helping hand. If you don't, it's time to hire more professional movers to get the job done. Keep in mind that it takes professional movers a lot less time to pack than your average Joe. They simply have more experience.


Determine how many professional movers you'll need on-site on the day of the move for everything to go along smoothly. You'll want the specific amount of professional movers you've requested to be clearly stated in the estimate, in the order of service, and in the bill of lading, along with their hourly wage. This helps to ensure that you won't be faced with any surprises later on. For more information, contact a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc.